Chairman's Report

Chairman's Spring Message

"Counting one's blessings"

In April I commence my 16th year as Chairman of the Club, and on immediate reflection I just wonder where the seasons have gone.

What is remarkable however is the playing fortunes of the Club for which, in my third year as Chairman, three consecutive wins would have been considered a major, or dare I say, a miraculous achievement. In trying to motivate and stimulate a turn of playing performance my younger son Michael (one half of Narden, Main Sponsors) together with player David "Taffy" Buchanan set the team the challenge with a promissory bet that if such happened they would sacrifice their golden locks for a clean shaven head! Surprise, surprise, the impossible happened - and in truth saw the Team year on year grow in strength to that which we now have been accustomed to.

Living in the shadow of Nairn County legend Davy Johnston, I never thought I would live to see a Nairn player ever emerge to be considered Davy's equal. Again one should never say never because on 22 February 2014 Conor Gethins reached a milestone of professionalism through scoring 101 goals in his 101st game for Nairn County.

In true Nairn County team spirit that prevails with the players, Conor attributed his success wholly to him having the players and team round him to motivate him and provide that killer pass so essential for a striker's finishing.

On numerous occasions when I bump into supporters they without reservation comment on the quality of the team, and interestingly and without exception they all have their favourite player. An essential ingredient is of course leadership in which the Club are suitably endowed through their Manager, Les Fridge, and his support colleagues of Ally Macleod, Andy Naismith and Scott Macdonald, and not forgetting the Team Captain Michael "Mo" Morrison who is one of the most highly decorated players in the whole Highland League.

As we now race towards the end of the current season I have to again record another first for me as Chairman in that we have managed to play every home fixture set by the League and Cup calendar without any call offs due to weather especially frost problems. This fact reflects on the quality of our pitch and the TLC furnished every pre and post match occasion by our Main Sponsors, ably assisted by an intrepid band of volunteers whose love for the Club manifests itself every Friday and Sunday.

As ever "County till I die"

Peter Mackintosh
March 2014