Committee & Board

Donald Matheson

Name:Donald Matheson


William Young

Name:William Young

Position:Company Secretary

Philip Konzack

Name:Philip Konzack

Position:Treasurer / Assistant Security Officer

Shona Devine

Name:Shona Devine

Position:Assistant Treasurer / Boardroom Manager

Shaun Smith

Name:Shaun Smith

Position:Independent Financial Advisor

Ian Gordon

Name:Ian Gordon

Position:Marketing & Merchandise

Alexander Mackintosh

Name:Alexander Mackintosh

Position:Marketing / Fundraising

Scott Macdonald

Name:Scott Macdonald

Position:Assistant Director of Football / Physio

Ian Finlayson

Name:Ian Finlayson

Position:Club Licencing/Disability Access Officer

Ian Colquhoun

Name:Ian Colquhoun

Position:Website Maintenance / Stewarding

Graeme Macleod

Name:Graeme Macleod

Position:Director of Football / Press

Deanna Matheson

Name:Deanna Matheson

Position:Match Secretary

Stewart McInnes

Name:Stewart McInnes

Position:Youth Development